A kid's guide to Seahouses
Miles and miles of sandy beaches

A kid's guide to Seahouses

A tourist guide with a difference!

A Kids Guide to SeahousesCome to our Area. It's a kid's paradise! Hundreds of things to do. A holiday of a lifetime.

Go to The Beach

Our beaches have miles of golden sand and rock pools just waiting to be explored (don't get nipped by a crab). Body boarding in the freezing cold water, hide and seek in the dunes, and sand castle building are just a few of the fun activities to do.


You can go swimming at the Ocean Club or in the sea if you're brave. It's freezing!

Swimming at Beadnell

Jumping off the pier at Beadnell is great fun. (You might need a wet-suit)

Slate Hall Riding Centre

This is a terrific place to learn to horse ride. Jumping in the arena is great fun, trotting the fields is amazing, but galloping along the golden beach is awesome!

A Kids Guide to SeahousesBoat Trips

Trips to the Farne Islands and Longstone Lighthouse are spectacular. Take a hat in case you get pecked by the birds. (It hurts) The seals are fluffy and cute! 

The Lifeboat

The Lifeboat is very important because it can save your life. It's really fast and can tip over and come back up! It is pulled by a huge tractor.

Bamburgh Castle

It looks lovely on the outside but really it's a horror filled mansion. Two ghosts still haunt it, but no one knows why. Tours take place daily. A must for all ages!


If you have a thirst for blood and gore, head on down to the dark dungeons. The plastic people look really scary!

Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is a great place to let off steam. Hire the clubs and challenge your family. There's 18 holes of fun and on the 19th, there's an ice cream waiting for you.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a great place to let off steam. It's kid's heaven, full of ball-pools, slides and climbing frames.


Map of SeahousesWe've got 3 chip shops in Seahouses. The fish and chips are delicious! Freshly cooked while you wait! The ice creams are scrumptious, especially with sauce and sprinkles. You can even buy one and get one free!


McKays is like Aladdin's Cave. You can buy anything for a £1.00. Gifts for all your family. There are lots more gift shops selling souvenirs such as, magnets, ornaments, clothes, paintings, plants, and many more things. Perfect presents for your family and friends back home.


Find your way around Seahouses with our handy map. (Right)


A special thanks to Class 4 at Seahouses First School for providing 'A Kid's Guide to Seahouses, Bamburgh & Beadnell'.

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