Discover Corbridge

Corbridge is so much more than a quiet little Northumberland town - it has a vast history and a Roman heritage that can still be seen today. So, whether you’re a history-lover or an avid shopper, there is something in Corbridge for you to enjoy.

A Shopper’s Paradise

A plethora of shops are waiting to tempt you to linger on Corbridge’s attractive high street. Once a garrison town for Roman soldiers, it has been known as a ‘shopper’s paradise’ from as early as 1827.

Houses in Corbridge are built with stone from the Roman town of Corstopitum, which you can still visit today. Soldiers and civilians would gather food and provisions here and, although the site is in ruins, you can still experience the immersive museum and landscape. Let the site give you an interpretation of Roman life, and feast your eyes on excavated trinkets such as 2,000-year-old statues, armour and weaponry. This truly gives you an insight into the life of a Roman soldier.

Enjoy music, street theatre, festival stalls, and a beer tent offering a range of ales, ciders, and wines at the annual Corbridge Festival. Extend the festival experience by camping under the stars.

While in Corbridge you can find out more at the local tourist information centre.
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