Escape to Holy Island

Islands in Northumberland

Outstanding Beauty
Dive with grey seals, wander through an ancient priory, sail at sunset and go on a wildlife boat trip on Northumberland’s islands. From the tidal island of Lindisfarne to the puffin-filled Coquet Island and Farne Islands, they are simply magical.

Puffins and priories

In spring, an abundance of puffins return to Northumberland to breed on The Farne Islands and Coquet Island.

Visit them on wildlife boat trips, where you’ll also see grey seals and sometimes dolphins! Cross the causeway to Lindisfarne Island to visit the castle, priory and taste monk-approved Mead.


Castles and causeways

Discover the history of St Cuthbert, visit the castle that towers over Lindisfarne, and be amazed by the wildlife on Northumberland’s islands.

Wildlife and natural beauty

Discover an array of bird life and sea-skimming marine life on our coastal Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty. Book a boat trip to get up close, scale the shoreline in a kayak, walk along the coastal path and more to explore our intriguing coast.
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Family walk in Northumberland
Family walk in Northumberland
Hadrian's Wall
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Outdoor adventures in Northumberland

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