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Hadrian's Wall
Fascinating sites, temples, and Roman bath houses are scattered along the 73-mile stone wall that dips and dives across the UK. This striking feat of engineering by the Roman Empire, impressive enough to inspire Game of Thrones, spans Northumberland's countryside.

The significant stretch of stones

Diving and delving across Northumberland, Hadrian’s Wall is the most significant pile of stones in the UK. Spanning 73 miles of northern England, Northumberland holds the longest stretch of it and it rises and plunges across some of the county’s most staggering landscapes.

Built under the orders of Emperor Hadrian in AD122, the UNESCO World Heritage Site inspired George RR Martin’s wall in his bestselling books and TV phenomenon Game of Thrones. Take a themed tour along the archaeological wonder, or Live Like a Roman with an immersive experience day.

Scattered along the length of the wall are Roman Forts, excavation sites, ancient temples and Bath Houses that sit before a backdrop of sweeping National Park landscapes, blazing sunsets and rugged hills. Every summer, you can watch live excavations take place at Vindolanda, where 5th century gaming boards, jewellery and other pieces are revealed by skilled archaeologists. Housesteads Roman Fort takes you back to the Roman Empire where you can wander the barrack blocks and admire the dramatic landscape of the ancient fortress along Hadrian's Wall.

Bike, hike, wander or tour the roman wall, with so many different ways to explore and experience it for yourself. The Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail, circular walking routes and Hadrian’s Cycleway can all be ventured into for anyone wanting an active pursuit of the wall. Don't miss visiting Hadrian’s Wall and step in the footsteps of film stars who have captivated audiences with this historic landscape as their backdrop, including the 1991 blockbuster film 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves' starring Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, to popular television series  starring local icon Robson Green.

Things to do at Hadrian's Wall

Visit this iconic landmark of Roman Britain and find the most breath-taking viewpoints along the wall, discover ancient artefacts of the Roman Empire at roman forts, and uncover sections of the wall step by step on historical hiking routes. Whether it’s a family day out or weekend escape, this iconic historical site has so many activities and events throughout the seasons for you to enjoy. 

Getting around Hadrian's wall

Bike or bus your way along Hadrian Wall's stunning cycle routes and on the AD122, the fantastic local bus service (named after the year Hadrian's Wall was built by order of Emperor Hadrian). Whether you want to enjoy a historical event at one of the Roman forts, learn more about the artefacts within the different museums, or admire the beautiful Northumberland landscape, the journey along the wall is entirely worth it.

Discover site's along Hadrian's Wall

Discover fascinating historical sites, visitor centres, museums and roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall, all perfect to keep you or the family entertained come rain or shine. Enjoy a family day out  at this World Heritage Site, discovering sites such as Chesters Roman Fort where you can get up close to roman artefacts within their museum, as well as Birdoswald Roman Fort, with a range of events throughout the year to enjoy as well as cafe to relax in before you adventure further along the wall. Looking to stay in the heart of the Northumberland landscape? Use our accommodation guide below to find your perfect stay along Hadrian's Wall, whether you want the luxury of one the region’s finest hotels, or the cosy atmosphere a cottage rental or B and B provides.

Neighbouring towns and villages

Head to stone-clad market towns and villages within Hadrian's Wall country, with Michelin star restaurants, peaceful gardens, and local buildings built from the stones of Hadrian's Wall.

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Hadrian's Wall FAQs

Hadrian’s Wall is situated in Northumberland, stretching from the west coast at Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria to the east coast at Wallsend in Tyne and Wear. It runs near the modern-day border between England and Scotland, right through the heart of the Northumberland countryside and National Park.

Hadrian’s Wall is a historic Roman fortification built to guard the northern frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain. It was constructed in 122AD under the orders of Emperor Hadrian to protect Roman Britain from invasions by northern tribes and to control immigration and trade. Today Hadrian’s Wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy this iconic historic site, beloved by locals and tourists across the world. So if you are wondering why visit Hadrian’s Wall take a look at our guide, with more on walking Hadrian’s Wall, the best accommodation a stone’s throw away from the wall itself, as well as top tips on the most scenic spots along the length of Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall is approximately 73 miles long, spanning from coast to coast across northern England. Hadrian’s Wall runs right through the heart of Northumberland’s countryside, with Roman forts including Chesters Roman Fort, Birdoswald Roman Fort and Housesteads Roman Fort being some of the most popular for locals and tourists to visit.

Hadrian’s Wall was built between AD 122 and AD 128 during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The construction of the wall is one of the most pivotal moments in Northumberland’s history, and has helped to shape the local towns and villages along the length of the wall that we see today, including popular tourist destinations Corbridge and Hexham.

Walking the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall typically takes about 6 to 8 days, depending on one's pace and the number of stops made along the way for rest and sightseeing. Take a look at our guide to walking Hadrian’s Wall for top tips on the best attractions and destinations to stop off at along the wall, including Chesters Roman Fort with their tearoom for afternoon tea, the fascinating museum at Vindolanda, or to explore the remains of Corbridge Roman Town.

Some of the best places to see Hadrian’s Wall include Housesteads Roman Fort, Birdoswald Roman Fort, and Chesters Roman Fort. These sites offer well-preserved sections of the wall, Roman collections to explore within their museums, and exciting events for visitors to enjoy. Whether you choose to visit one of the Roman Forts, or decide to walk Hadrian’s Wall there are so many scenic spots to choose to see Hadrian’s Wall from.

The Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail is the designated walking path that follows the entire length of the wall. It is 84 miles long, slightly longer than the wall itself due to some deviations and loops. The Hadrian’s Wall walk allows visitors to take full advantage of the most scenic sections along the wall, stop off at the most popular attractions and Roman Forts, including Housesteads Roman Fort and Vindolanda fort and museum, as well as sections of the wall used in iconic films and television.

To walk Hadrian’s Wall, you can follow the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail, which is well-marked and offers various services along the route. Plan your walk with a detailed map, and consider booking accommodation along Hadrian’s Wall  in advance, especially during peak seasons, with the local area offering a wide range of hotels, B&Bs, inns, hostels, holiday cottages and campsites for visitors to choose from.

To visit Hadrian’s Wall, you can start at any point along the wall and explore various sections. To visit roman forts and sections of the wall running through Northumberland, you can travel by car or public transport, to major sites like Housesteads, Vindolanda, and Chesters, and then hike and cycle short segments.

There are a wide array of accommodation options along Hadrian’s Wall for visitors to choose from, including bed and breakfasts, inns, and campsites. Popular places to stay include the towns of Hexham, Haltwhistle, and Corbridge, which offer various amenities for walkers. Some of our favourite accommodations options include Wydon Farm B&B, Matfen Hall Country Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort and Battlesteads hotel.

The town of Hexham is one of the closest and most convenient towns near Hadrian’s Wall. It serves as a good base for exploring various sections of the wall, resting up in one of Hexham’s accommodation options, refuelling at one of their range of restaurants and pubs, ready for another day of exploring Roman forts and getting a glimpse into Roman life.

One of the best parts of Hadrian’s Wall to visit is the central section near Housesteads Roman Fort and Steel Rigg. This area offers stunning scenery, well-preserved wall sections, and extensive Roman ruins. This area was the section of the wall where the Sycamore Gap tree once stood, prior to being felled in September 2023. Visitors can still explore this section, visiting where the Sycamore Gap tree used to stand.

Yes, you can camp along Hadrian’s Wall at designated campsites. Some of our favourite campsites running along Hadrian’s Wall and the surrounding area include Hadrian’s Wall campsite at Melkridge and Hadrian’s Meadow campsite.

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