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Scenic spots in Northumberland

Staggering scenery
Rushing waterfalls, an ancient Roman wall, barely-trodden bays and sweeping, rugged hills; Northumberland’s scenic spots are tough to beat. In fact, the county is essentially one big scenic spot, and we’ve just picked some of the best places to visit to help you when you visit Northumberland.

See things from our point of view

We have coastal viewpoints overlooking impressive castles, sandy beaches and islands in the North Sea, hidden gem beauty spots where trickling streams and waterfalls make for a peaceful escape, and breathtaking, countryside views where historical sites and towering cliffs sit in the distance.

Picture perfect towns and villages

Admire some of the most beautiful places in Northumberland in our towns and villages with quintessentially English cobbles, red phone boxes and independent shops with flower-filled entryways that sit prettily across the county.

Vast, sweeping valleys​

Find the perfect spot for your picnic basket in our valleys, home to ancient hill forts, spectacular waterfalls, picturesque rivers and winding hiking trails.
Close to the action at Routin Linn

National Park landscapes

Awe-inspiring Northumberland National Park’s staggering Cheviot Hills, stunning sections of countryside, astounding Hadrian's Wall, outstanding walking routes and scenic vistas are waiting to be admired. Roman ruins such as Chester's Roman Fort, Vindolanda, third century Roman temples and a number of other historical sites await here.
Mountain biking in purple heather
Family walk in Northumberland
Couple enjoying a boat trip
Hadrian's Wall
Surf Northumberland
Outdoor adventures in Northumberland

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