Glamping in Northumberland

Go glamping
Want the camping experience minus the sleeping bag, creepy crawlies and chilly, night time toilet dash? Then go glamping in Northumberland, where we have everything from vintage shepherd’s huts to upscale bell tents across our coast and countryside.

Camping with home comforts

Have your cake and eat it with a glamping holiday in Northumberland; sleep in the heart of nature, roast gooey marshmallows over a crackling fire, enjoy seaside strolls and go for woodland wanders, all with a solid roof over your head! We have rustic cabins, lakeside pods, yurts and more.

Camping, however, is not for everyone; while some of us don’t mind the sleeping bags, the creepy crawlies and the chilly run to the loo in the middle of the night, others prefer to keep all of their home comforts when they go on holiday.

The solution? Glamping! Various glamping sites are scattered throughout Northumberland, providing vintage shepherd’s huts, rustic cabins, family-run farms and upscale bell tents. Offering a happy medium between camping and a hotel stay, you can pick a location anywhere from deep in the countryside to along the coast, and experience camping with the added comfort of a solid roof over your head.

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