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Tales from Northumberland
If you want a taste of Northumberland while you’re relaxing at home, flick Robson Green's Tales From Northumberland on. During the series, he visits places that inspired him as a child, meets remarkable characters and explores our magical landscapes.

For Northumberland’s biggest fans

There are three series of Robson Green's Tales From Northumberland, the fantastic eight-parter takes you through some of our most spectacular scenery, fascinating historic sites and stately homes, and showcases some of the region’s best kept hidden gems.

The third series, which was filmed a little later than the first two, is called ‘Further Tales from Northumberland’. During the series, Robson tries his hand at Britain's oldest, and toughest sports, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, in the unspoilt Northumberland National Park. He visits the remote College Valley and spends a night wild-camping in the Cheviot Hills.

He also discovers some of the region's greatest natural wonders; at Chillingham, he encounters one of the world's oldest breeds of cattle, which, he discovers, is also one of the most dangerous. He goes fishing and catches salmon in the River Tweed using the ancient method of net and coble boat, and visits some of the county’s famous stately houses; the National Trusts Seaton Delaval Hall, Wallington House & Gardens and Cragside, home to Victorian inventor Lord Armstrong just to name a few.

Robson Green On Screen

Robson Green returned to our screens in 2023, showcasing his home county, Northumberland and the North East in the BBC production, Robson Green's Weekend Escapes. Set in the North-East, filmed against the backdrop of Northumberland and some of the UK’s most stunning scenery, this BBC series saw Robson, along with family and some famous friends, taking the roads less travelled and appreciating a slower pace of life, enjoying some of Northumberland’s most relaxing activities as well as the most thrilling adventure sports.

Watch the series here and see Northumberland feature in many episodes with some other famous faces, as Robson explores some of the best countryside and coastal landscapes in the region. Make sure to watch the new second series of Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes as it returns on New Years Day 2024.

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