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Learning and discovery in Northumberland

Learn something new
Unleash your potential and discover your hidden talents when you visit Northumberland. We have everything from arts and crafts workshops to wellness retreats that will send you home with a new skill.

Discover your potential

From wild food foraging in our forests, to bat-spotting with a beer in hand in our idyllic countryside, there are endless opportunities to be inspired and develop your knowledge in the wilds of Northumberland. Become the ultimate explorer on a navigation course, a bushcraft adventure, or a wildlife workshop.

Art and stars

Boost your creativity, learn a new skill, or delve into the awe-inspiring world of astronomy in Northumberland. You can perfect your photography skills with a professional photographer, attend a family breadmaking class using locally ground flour, or learn about our dreamy dark skies in Europe’s largest dark sky park.
Glamping cabin in Northumberland
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Family walk in Northumberland
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Hadrian's Wall
Surf Northumberland
Outdoor adventures in Northumberland

Make it personal

With endless experiences, it’s impossible to see and do everything Northumberland has to offer. Create a personal profile and we’ll tailor the site to show you the best and most relevant content for you.