Kielder Viaduct

Kielder Village

Rustic, remote and practically hidden, Kielder is encompassed within the woodland of Kielder Water & Forest Park. With its low-slung stone cottages, it is an idyllic springboard for a number of activities that the surrounding forest has to offer.

The hidden village

Perched at the tip of Kielder Water & Forest Park, tiny Kielder village is shrouded by its neighbouring forest and sits below the awe-inspiringly starry skies of the International Dark Sky Park. A small selection of homely local pubs and a smattering of intriguing historical sites are its highlights.

A visit to Kielder Castle visitor centre will uncover many surprises. Get lost in the Minotaur Maze, discover the fascinating night sky or walk along the unique Lakeside Way, a 26 mile multi-use path around the lake which can be accessed from Kielder Castle.

Take a stroll along the former track of the Border Counties Railway line to the Kielder Viaduct and absorb the staggering views of the forest and reservoir from the top. The country’s best-preserved ‘skew-arch’ bridge soars above the point where the North Tyne flows into the Bakethin Reservoir, and you can walk beneath the soaring arches once you’ve enjoyed the view from the top.

Even if fishing doesn’t hook you, the nearby Kielder Salmon Centre makes for a fascinating visit. Home to the largest conservation hatchery in England and Wales, up to 900,000 salmon are bred here each year.  You’ll discover the amazing life cycle of salmon and see the fresh-water pearl mussels living in their artificial stream.

Paying homage to the dark skies above, Kielder Observatory offers a stargazing and astronomy haven that is out of this world. Take to the telescope and learn how to take photographs of the galaxy.
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