Coquet Island

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Crammed with birdlife for half the year, Coquet Island sits a mile off the coast of Amble. You can’t step foot on the island, but you can come tantalisingly close on a boat trip from Amble to see the puffins that return to breed in spring.

The ‘Clowns of the Sea’

Every spring, Coquet Island becomes bustling with birdlife as some 35,000 seabirds cram onto this tiny island to breed. Most famously, puffins whose cute and clumsy mannerisms have earned them the nickname of the ‘clowns of the sea’, visit in their thousands.

Their brightly coloured beaks, waddling gait and comical appearance are just a few of the puffins’ charms, and an easy boat trip from Amble means you can spot them for yourself. You cannot get off the boat and step onto the island, but trips generally last for one hour and allow you to see the wildlife up-close.

As well as other bird species, such as roseate terns, eider ducks and oystercatchers, a Grey Seal colony stays here year-round and is often spotted bobbing in the waters and lazing on the rocks on the east side of the island.
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