Stargazing at Kielder Observatory

Stargaze in Northumberland

Dark Sky Experiences
The largest Dark Sky Park in the UK, a star-studded coastline that the Northern Lights have been known to dance over, dedicated observatories, and a number of stargazing locations make Northumberland the perfect place to stay up after sunset.

When it’s time to call it a day

Stargazing may sound daunting to beginners, but anyone can do it. All you need are our expert tips on Northumberland’s spectacular stargazing experiences. Let an expert lead the way, head out on your own with a flask and a pair of binoculars, or sleep beneath the clear night skies in our International Dark Sky Reserve.

Take to the telescope at Northumberland’s observatories, which are perfectly positioned to give the best possible chance to gaze at the galaxy. Their private stargazing experience nights allow you to do so with an expert by your side, and they offer everything from beginners’ experiences to dining under the stars evenings where you can graze while you gaze at the darkest skies.

Follow up your stargazing with a pint or stargaze until you fall asleep when you visit Northumberland. As well as our observatories, we have pubs, Inns, B&Bs and glamping cabins that sit beneath the International Dark Sky Park and make for superb, star-filled stays.

The county is also home to many Dark Sky Discovery Sites, where you can stargaze independently (and for free!). Northumberland Dark Sky Discovery Sites are destinations that are internationally recognised for their minimal light pollution, clear view of the sky and their public access. Each one has been awarded special status due to the outstanding quality of its dark skies. All you need to do is pull up, turn off your headlights and enjoy the show.

Top tips for stargazing

Stargazing is a year-round activity, but the best months are during autumn and winter when the darkness sets in earlier and the stars appear brighter.

Wear warm clothes, take a hot drink with you and pack a deck chair for added comfort while you're admiring the sky. Use a red-light torch as red-light does not affect your night time vision.

Your eyes are perfect for being able to map constellations, but if you want to get up close and personal to deep sky objects, invest in a pair of 10x50 binoculars or a dark sky telescope.
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