Allen Banks and Staward Gorge

Allen Valleys in Northumberland

Discover Allen Valleys
The Allen Valleys’ location in Northumberland’s North Pennines AONB says it all. This breath-taking beauty spot sits in the south west corner of the county, offering everything from undiscovered hidden gems to eclectic events and festivals.

Uncover the undiscovered​

Rugged hills, rushing rivers, stunning lakesides and spots to watch the sunrise are all tucked away in the hidden gem, the Allen Valleys. Challenge yourself on mountain biking routes, try traditional foods in the villages and hamlets, picnic on the river banks and explore the seemingly unexplored.

The East and West Allen Rivers rush through the valleys they have unknowingly cut out of limestone over thousands of years. From the picturesque river banks, you can spot trout and salmon swimming up-stream and admire rare birds, flowers and wildlife on land.

Wake up before sunrise to watch the magnificent, blazing horizon over the idyllic valleys, then stay out after sunset to admire the black, velvet skies embedded with thousands of bright stars

The valleys' history of lead mining and agriculture can be explored and experienced in its villages, as local museums hold a wealth of history to uncover. Plus, events and festivals fill the villages’ streets throughout the year, including a fantastic folk festival, numerous village markets and the famous and unique New Years Eve celebration; The Tar Bar’l.

From village B&Bs to remote camping barns, there are a number of places to stay to call it a day in the Allen Valleys. Stay in vibrant Allendale, cobbled Blanchland or in the idyllic and remote countryside of the valleys, where private cottages boast spectacular views.

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