Allen Valleys in Northumberland

Discover Allen Valleys
The Allen Valleys’ location in Northumberland’s North Pennines AONB says it all. This breath-taking beauty spot sits in the south west corner of the county, offering everything from undiscovered hidden gems to eclectic events and festivals.

Uncover the undiscovered​

Rugged hills, rushing rivers, stunning lakesides and spots to watch the sunrise are all tucked away in the Allen Valleys. Challenge yourself on mountain biking routes, try traditional foods in the villages and hamlets, picnic on the river banks and explore the seemingly unexplored.

The Allen Valleys, in the south west corner of Northumberland, border the counties of Durham and Cumbria and sit in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

A special and widely undiscovered place...our visitors often tell us they had no idea how beautiful, peaceful and relaxing the Allen Valleys are. Throughout the year we have a great mix of things to do and see, friendly places to stay and a tradition of warm welcomes in pubs serving fresh local food and drink. In and around the villages and hamlets, the valleys' history of lead mining and agriculture can be explored and experienced. Artists and Craftsmen create bespoke pieces inspired by the valleys and sold in local galleries.

The East and West Allen Rivers rise on the fell where Northumberland meet County Durham and flow north through the valleys they have cut out of the local limestone over thousands of years. The rivers run bright and clear with trout and salmon running up stream to their spawning grounds. Our fells and heather moors are home to rare birds, flowers and wildlife. Early morning sunrises are magnificent. Equally stunning are our sunsets at which point you discover that light pollution is among the lowest in the UK, which is why our night skies are like being covered by a black velvet blanket twinkling with thousands of diamond like stars.

Year round, we have many things to do, many places to discover and many delightful places to eat. Whether you enjoy driving, cyclinghorse riding or walking we have quiet roads and a network of off road routes. Events are also going on throughout the year including a fantastic folk festival, numerous village fairs and the famous and unique New Years Eve celebration; Tar Barl!

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