Walker exploring St Cuthbert's Cave

St Cuthbert's Cave

St Cuthbert’s Cave is surrounded by gorgeous greenery, as it lies in the stunning countryside of Belford. Visit this site for a sense of spirituality and a true sense of the county’s history.

St Cuthbert’s Resting Place​

St Cuthbert’s Cave, nestled away in the remote countryside of Belford, oozes mystery due to its spiritual past.It is said that the ancient monks of Lindisfarne laid St Cuthbert’s body to rest here in AD875, the reputable saint who possessed the power of spiritual healing.

St. Cuthbert’s Cave, known locally as Cuddy’s Cave is an overhanging outcrop of Sandstone rock, supported by an isolated pillar of stone.
In the Mid 19th Century the entrance was enclosed by a stone wall and used as a ‘lambing shed’.
Once owned by the Leather family, the area was for a time the family burial place, being consecrated in 1936. Memorials to members of the family can be seen on isolated sandstone outcrops. In 1981 the wood was given to the National Trust, who still manage it today.

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