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Cobbles, castles, beaches, and boat trips await you in historical Berwick-upon-Tweed. Teetering on the border of England and Scotland, secrets of a bloody, conflict-filled history linger in its Elizabethan town walls and ruinous castle remains.

A Haunting History

This border town has a history of being passed between England and Scotland like a hot potato, and Berwick-upon-Tweed’s dominant Town Walls, old prison cells of the Town Hall and winding, cobbled streets hold a complex and violent past.

The romantic River Tweed runs through its centre, dominated by three iconic bridges that have seen years of conflict as control of the town was repeatedly changing. Climb on-board The Border Rose with Berwick Boat Trips, where you can sail beneath the magnificent Royal Border Bridge and into the mouth of the river for some seal and dolphin spotting. All the while, skipper David and crew will keep you entertained with anecdotes of the town’s turbulent history and its rich salmon fishing heritage.

Roam the river banks for spectacular views and cosy cafés to escape to when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Take advantage of the town’s position along the coast and wander along barely-trodden Berwick beach or watch the sunrise at Spittal Beach which lies less than two miles away. Then, taste exquisite seafood in one of Berwick’s eateries, as restaurants and pubs a-plenty line the cobbled and bunting-filled streets of the town centre.

Step into Berwick’s complex past and take a history tour through the town; see Berwick Town Hall’s atmospheric jail cells where graffiti from unruly 18th century cellmates lines the walls, get an insight into a soldier’s life at Berwick Barracks and take a haunting walk along the Elizabethan Town Walls. The walls supersede the ruined remains of breath-taking Berwick Castle, which is beautifully perched on a rocky outcrop over the river.

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