The Tyne Valley in Northumberland

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See Rome’s rise and fall for yourself as you wander along the 73 miles that Hadrian’s Wall has to offer. Take in the visually stunning landscape that follows you along the wall and tells you tales of the archaeological wonder along the way.

Hadrian’s Wall Country

Bordering three counties, the Tyne Valley, most famous for being home to Hadrian’s Wall, has countless experiences and breathtaking scenery to be discovered.

Bordering three counties the Tyne Valley, most famous for being home to Hadrian’s Wall, has countless experiences and breathtaking scenery to be discovered.

2,000 years have passed since the Emperor Hadrian gave his orders for work on the 84 mile long Wall to commence, yet the 73 miles of this Roman mega structure that snake across Northumberland’s craggy bluffs and high ridges are some of the best preserved sections.

Along the wall are archaeological sites and museums telling the fascinating story of Rome’s rise and fall. There’s a wealth of other historic sights to see, including the not to be missed Sycamore Gap - a solitary tree made famous in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. 

Explore the stunning landscape of Hadrian’s Wall and the surrounding Tyne Valley by car, on foot or by bike.  Steam across to the pretty village of Wylam, the birthplace of George Stephenson, pioneering railway engineer and inventor of the famous railway locomotive ‘Rocket’.  Carry on the railway theme and board a train on the Hadrian’s Wall Country Line. Hop on and off to explore the beauty and charm of towns and villages such as Haltwhistle, Bardon Mill and Hexham, or simply relax taking in the breathtaking Northumberland scenery.

The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre is located on Hadrian’s Wall and is an exciting visitor attraction that will help you explore our wonderful landscapes and rich heritage. Open all year round, the Sill boasts a fully-accessible grass roof to a viewing platform overlooking Hadrian’s Wall, an 80-seat café with panoramic views, a free-to enter exhibition about our landscapes, a shop specialising in local gifts, food & drink; Changing Places toilets, a visitor information service, free Wi-Fi on-site and a youth hostel.

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