Alnmouth Beach car park in Northumberland

Parking in Northumberland

With many locations across the county offering free parking with a parking disc, you have endless opportunities to see Northumberland’s beautiful landscapes, tranquil coastlines, and historic landmarks.
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Where do I park?

Exploring Northumberland by car offers you history soaked views, dramatic coastlines and peace and tranquility as you travel on some of the most scenic roads in England.

Parking couldn't be easier, with many locations across the county offering free parking with the use of a parking disc. You can pick up a disc from lots of places in Northumberland including retailers, Tourist Information Centres and libraries. You can also use a disc from another council if you already have one. 

Always check signs in the car park for guidance on how long you can stay and if the car park is disc & display or pay & display. 

For further information regarding parking in the area, please refer to the *Northumberland County Council Website.

To find out where you can charge your car in Northumberland please refer to the Zap Map website.

Beware of fraudulent sites masquerading as PayByPhone on Google

Northumberland County Council have recently become aware of several fraudulent companies masquerading as PayByPhone on Google. These companies are using advertising to trick people into visiting a website that pretends to be the PayByPhone site.

These sites require you to register then ask for your credit or debit card details and charge you a subscription. PayByPhone does not provide any subscription service and will never charge your card without your authorisation.

PayByPhone are working with the relevant authorities to have these sites removed, however, in the meantime we would urge you to exercise caution when providing your credit or debit card details online in case the site is fraudulent. Rest assured the authentic PayByPhone site remains a secure platform, which is PCI level 1 compliant - the highest level of security for processing payments. All cardholder data is heavily encrypted. 

To avoid these scams, the safest and most secure way to use PayByPhone remains:
  • Download the PayByPhone app directly from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Visit the website by entering directly into the search bar
  • Dial 0330 400 7275 to use the automated phone line
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