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The famous smoked kippers popular with the Royal Family, the ruins of what was once a magnificent fortress, local art, a tranquil cove, and bird spotting are just a few of the things that will make your visit to Craster so memorable.

A little gem with a lot of stories

Follow your nose to L. Robson & Sons kipper smokehouse, and embark on a delicious visit to the Northumberland coast. The kippers here are a delicacy which is exported to food lovers across the country, and it is reputedly popular with the British Royal Family.

Once you’ve taken in the charcoal scent of the traditional smokehouse, wander towards the magnificent Dunstanburgh Castle. Though there is only a pocket-sized chunk of the castle remaining, it gives such an insight into what was once a grand fortress. Seeing this little gem as it stands today makes it almost impossible to believe that it was originally built to an impractically massive scale. 
In 1313, Earl Thomas of Lancaster began the process of building the castle, and historians have concluded that its incredible grandeur was due to his desire to ascertain authority over King Edward II, with whom he had an openly hostile relationship. Today, you can see the crumbling remains of the huge gatehouse and the Egyncleugh Tower, which overlooks  Queen Margaret’s Cove. 
Go bird spotting at the Arnold Memorial Nature Reserve, owned by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. This haven has an abundance of both greenery and birdlife, where rarities including wryneck, icterine, and red-breasted flycatchers have been recorded.
Browse seaside-inspired arts and crafts at The Mick Oxley Gallery, or sit and watch fishing boats lazily floating near the harbour with the beautiful Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance. A coastal rock walk from Howick to Cullernose Point takes in the sheer geo-diversity of the landscape.
Venture further south and discover the hidden cove of Rumbling Kern, once the haunt of whisky smugglers bootlegging their contraband up and down the coastline. This award-winning, secretive beach is definitely worth a visit.
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