Holy Island safe crossing times

Safe crossing times
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a must-visit, but you must check safe crossing times before visiting. Linked to the mainland by a causeway which is cut off twice daily by fast incoming tides, it is vital to check safe crossing times before crossing the causeway.
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Holy Island crossing times

This unique island a mile off the mainland in the North Sea is cut off twice a day by fast, incoming tides. It is therefore absolutely essential that you check the below timetable before you visit. 

Remember to allow plenty of time to cross and never risk crossing outside the tide times. The Holy Island tide times in this table apply to the road and adjacent path causeway only. The drive across the causeway is beautiful, so ensure that you travel safely and enjoy the drive.
Holy island crossing times
Day Safe Crossing Times Safe Crossing Times
02:20 - 10:00 15:10 - 22:10
03:40 - 10:35 16:25 - 22:50
04:55 - 11:15 17:30 - 23:30
06:05 - 11:55 18:25 - 00:15 (Sun)
07:05 - 12:40 19:15 - 01:05 (Mon)
07:55 - 13:25 20:00 - 02:00 (Tue)
08:35 - 14:20 20:35 - 03:00 (Wed)

What's across the causeway

Once you've safely crossed Lindisfarne causeway, you're in for a treat. A castle, a priory, incredible seaviews, cosy cafes, and Lindisfarne Mead are all waiting for you once you get there.

Plan ahead

To find future crossing times and see the official timetable, visit Northumberland Country Council's website. Here you can see safe crossing times months and years ahead.
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