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Otterburn is a vibrant, picturesque community. As the site of the Battle of Otterburn, this village has a violent history which is almost undetectable against the peaceful landscape of the Redesdale Valley.

A small village with a big history

In 1388, when the English army suffered a bloody defeat by the Scots, Otterburn was the place of impact. The Battle of Otterburn took place on the outskirts of this village, which shows that the serene, rolling countryside of Northumberland could be hiding the distant carnage of many a battle, and you can visit the battlefield today.

This village is home to the Otterburn Mill. The Mill contains a museum outlining the history of weaving and wool-milling in the area. The Otterburn Rug has even been endorsed by the Royal Family, with our current Queen owning one when she was a child.

This small, quiet community is at the heart of the picturesque Redesdale Valley, where birds and animals thrive on Otterburn Ranges. This remote area covers nearly a quarter of Northumberland National Park, and offers spectacular, unspoilt landscapes.

Twenty three per cent of Northumberland National Park is owned by the Ministry of Defence and used as a military training area. It is the shared aim of the Northumberland National Park and the MoD to encourage as much access to the area as possible.

A series of trenches were dug in 1912 by the War Office on newly acquired land and are probably the best preserved in the country. Although they are now partially silted up, some trenches remain over 2m deep in places and the dog-leg and diamond shape can still be traced.

Find out more about firing times and public access, if you have a more specific request please contact the Range Liaison Office on 0191 239 4201 for the most up to date information.

Otterburn itself has a selection of local shops and pubs and there is a great selection of accommodation including Otterburn Hotels, B&Bs and cottages.
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