Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island

Historical sites in Northumberland

Endless antiquity
With castle remains scattered across our county and along our coastline, staggering Hadrian’s Wall dipping and weaving through our National Park and opulent stately homes sitting in our towns, Northumberland’s historical sites feel almost infinite.

A whole lot of history

Over 2000 years of Northumberland’s history lies across our staggering countryside landscapes. We hold the longest stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, as well as some of the best-preserved historical sites. Northumberland is a rural county within England, our position on the edge of England has left an intriguing trail of history with the Scottish border and we have more spectacular castle remains than any other county in the UK, from Warkworth to Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle.

The only time you want your day to end in ruins is when you’re in Northumberland. From mighty, towering castles to romantically ruinous remains, over 70 castle sites are spread along our coastline, perched on our islands and sat in the hearts of our cobbled market towns and villages

From Viking border raiding to Iron Age sites and rock art, our country has so much history to explore.

Discover our secrets

Unlock Northumberland’s past in our fascinating museums, stunning stately homes and once-bloody battlefields that hold endless secrets and stories, from Roman history at Vindolanda and Chesters Roman Fort and Museum, to the dramatic history of Grace Darling at the RNLI Museum, to the fun filled history of the Trevelyan family who called Wallington Hall home, and Woodhorn Museum that captures the mining history of the area with their archives and collection of artwork known as the ‘Pitmen Painters’.

Northumberland’s Rolling Stones

Some of our most scenic viewpoints sit along the mighty Hadrian’s Wall, which undulates dramatically across our National Park landscape and holds Roman forts and mysterious temples, perfect for exploring as you walk along Hadrian’s Wall or head along one of the nearby cycle routes.
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Family walk in Northumberland
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