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Love it like it's yours

We’re encouraging people to make the most of Northumberland and ‘love it like it’s yours’. And there's no one better placed than Northumbrians to offer advice, tips and experience on how to respect, protect and enjoy our region.
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From finding when and where you're allowed to camp, to learning about tide times and when it's safe to go in the sea. Our aim is to educate as many people as possible on the dos & don'ts of visiting one of the country's most rural counties.

This campaign is inspired by the countryside code. We encourage explorers and hikers to read the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue hill safety guidance. And there’s lots of useful info on Forestry England’s forest code for walkers and cyclists heading out to trails and forests.

Meet the locals.

Introducing the home-grown stars of our new ‘Love it like it’s yours’ campaign. Here they tell us more about what they love about living and working in Northumberland.