Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

The Chantry
Bridge Street
NE61 1PD

+44 01670 500717

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Discover a gem of a museum illustrating the history and development of bagpipes and especially featuring the unique Northumbrian small pipes.

Find out how the Northumbrian pipes are different to other bagpipes and browse a stunning collection of 150 sets from around the world housed in this beautiful medieval Chantry building right in the centre of Morpeth.

Enjoy too the delights available in the craft and tourist centres downstairs in the Chantry too. Look out for live music performances and interactive family fun.

Open: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.

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Excellent museum showcasing the Northumbrian small pipes

David S, Cambridge, United Kingdom
A great place to find out more about the small pipes, their history and evolution. It's well laid out, and very informative.

An important and unique glimpse into the history of bagpipes

piobaire24, Geelong, Australia
When most people think of bagpipes they think of the Scottish Highland pipes, or maybe Irish uilleann pipes. There are many, many more different types of bagpipes found throughout the world, and the Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum houses a unique and important collection of the pipes from this region and beyond. For a piper, the museum tells (and shows) a part of the history of bagpipes that is just not taught in the usual mainstream instruction manuals or lessons. For the non-piper, the Museum provides a wonderful insight to a specific topic that would just not be heard of unless you were in the scene. Visiting the Bagpipe Museum was one of the highlights, if not the main highlight of my first trip to the UK.

The Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum.

raythepipes, Adelaide, Australia
The Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum is situated in the centre of town and has plenty of easy access parking around it. The building itself is magnificent and is a beautifully restored section of a 13C Bridge Chapel, a rare and splendid thing to behold. The Chantry houses the famous Cock's Collection of Bagpipes, plus some more modern examples of the instruments, and is regarded as one of the finest collections in the world. The displays are breathtaking to the visiting piper, ethnomusicologist, tourist or anyone interested in the unique music of this part of England, and show some wonderfully presented examples of early instruments of Northumberland. Though the building is a museum and has some of the most valuable examples of traditional instruments of the area it also has more modern instruments on display that were made by some of the leading contemporary instrument makers. The ancient tradition of Northumbrian pipe music is alive and well and is indeed flourishing as young musicians and some not so young players gather regularly in the Chantry for lively sessions of traditional music. I travelled from Australia to the UK for a six week tour of concerts and music festivals, and though I had no performances booked in Morpeth I visited the town just to see the museum. I was not disappointed and neither were the many other visitors there, especially two children who were laughing and dancing to the automatic bagpipe playing machine! We stayed in Morpeth for a few days so that we could return to the collection a number of times to make more notes (photographs are not allowed) and to browse the contents of the little shop below the museum. I think I bought at least one of everything! I discovered that Morpeth has some lovely places to visit and to eat if you can bear to drag yourself away from this extraordinary attraction, and I look forward to planning a longer stay in the area next time.

Unique Chantry museum

andrew b,
This museum is unique. The collection of Northumbrian small Pipes is a national treasure, and truly edifying and educational. It’s an indispensable part of a proud North-Eastern heritage.

A cracking little place!

Ian S,
This place deserves more recognition like the famous Lake District pencil museum! Fascinating and informative and you can listen to compare the bagpipes. A great wet weather place to go in Morpeth.



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