A right royal day out
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A right royal day out

A right royal day out

A right royal day out



In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II marks the Diamond Jubilee of her succession to the throne. And the United Kingdom and Commonwealth will be in festive and celebratory mood. Northumberland will join in those festivities and even has its own royal connections to produce a “right royal day out”.

The route

Arrive: Bamburgh

Here’s why: During the “Golden Age of Northumbria” in the 7th century, Bamburgh was the capital of the Kingdom of Northumbria and location for a royal stronghold and palace built on the outcrop of rock now occupied by medieval Bamburgh Castle. St Aidan died at Bamburgh in AD651 and today’s parish church is dedicated to this first Bishop of Lindisfarne. Enjoy the atmosphere of this most picturesque of villages, stroll along its magnificent sandy beach or explore Saxon archaeology in Bamburgh Castle’s museum where the “Bamburgh Beast” can be seen.

Depart: Bamburgh

Here’s how: B1340 (s) – Seahouses – Beadnell – B1340 (s) – Christon Bank –B6347 - join A1(s) – B6341 – Alnwick

Here’s why: The Northumberland Coastal Route allows a brief glimpse of the jagged towers of Dunstanburgh Castle just north of Embleton. John of Gaunt (1340-1399), Duke of
Lancaster and son of King Edward III controlled Dunstanburgh in 14th century. And in the 15th century Wars of the Roses, Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England and wife to Henry VI held Dunstanburgh Castle for the House of Lancaster.

Arrive: Cragside House, Gardens and Estate (Nr Rothbury)

Here’s why: Cragside is a house which surely looks fit for royalty. The home of Victorian Tyneside industrialist, inventor and all-round science hero, Lord Armstrong (1810-1900), Cragside was the “Palace of a Modern Magician” and was the first private house in the world to be lit by hydro-electric power. Royal visitors included the Prince and Princess of Wales, later King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, who stayed in the Owl Room guest suite.

Depart: Cragside House, Gardens and Estate

Here’s how: B6341 (direction Alnwick) – A697 (direction Wooler) – Powburn – Wooler – B6348(e) – Chatton – B6348 - A1 (s) – B1341 (e) to Bamburgh

Arrive: Bamburgh

Walk options

Low Newton by the Sea, Embleton and Craster - all provide good access points for coastal walks. The Northumberland Coast Path forms part of the international North Sea Trail

Did you know

Battle of Flodden - September 2013 is the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden when King James IV of Scotland was killed on the battlefield. Special events in 2013 will mark this poignant anniversary.

Berwick upon Tweed – Enjoy a walk along the Elizabethan ramparts built to defend the town on the orders of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603).

Nearest Tourist Information Centres

Seahouses +44 (0) 1670 625593
Alnwick +44 (0) 1665 622152
Wooler +44 (0) 1668 2822123


For current opening times and admission prices of visitor attractions you are advised to check the relevant websites given in each itinerary. These itineraries have been planned to introduce you to the quieter country roads and secret corners of Northumberland. Please drive carefully and park your vehicle with consideration in rural areas. Some roads are unsuitable for long vehicles including coaches and cars with trailers. You are advised to use the itineraries in conjunction with a road map.

Each itinerary contains an approximate car journey time between different stages of the route and apply to the specific route given in the itinerary description. If you choose alternative routes then the journey times will alter.

Places and distances

Flodden Battlefield Memorial
TD12 4SW

Walk the footsteps of the soldiers who fought on the Flodden Battle field over 500 years ago. It is hard to conceive today of the carnage that took place there on the 9th September 1513, when surveying the rolling hills.

Approx 18.13 mile(s) between Flodden Battlefield and Ecomuseum and Bamburgh Castle
Family friendly Bamburgh Castle
NE69 7DF

Experience a different level of Northumberland at Bamburgh Castle, England's finest coastal castle.  


Approx 9.39 mile(s) between Bamburgh Castle and Dunstanburgh Castle
Outside Dunstanburgh Castle
NE66 3TT

The ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle tower over the Northumberland coastline. It is an ideal family day out with a picnic area, fantastic views, and it is not far from the Scottish Borders.

Approx 16.77 mile(s) between Dunstanburgh Castle and Cragside House, Gardens and Estate
Outside Cragside House Gardens and Estate
NE65 7PX

Creation of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and landscape genius. Gardens, red squirrels, woodland and lakeside walks.

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