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Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

For a coast-to-coast cycling holiday with a difference or simply taking to two wheels to explore sections of the World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall has options galore for cyclists.
Dramatic scenery, quiet trails and unique historic sites to explore have helped fast track the newly created Hadrian's Cycleway into one of the best long distance cycle routes in the country. Winding 174 miles along the entire length of the Wall, pedal off from the Roman Fort of Arbeia in South Shields to Ravenglass on the Cumbrian coast. Wheel past Roman sites and through mind-blowing countryside and coastal tracks.
Signposted as National Route 72 (NCN 72), Hadrian’s Wall Cycleway can be ridden in either direction. Depending on how many sites you want to stop off at along the way, allow four to six days to cycle the route.
There are plenty of shorter bike rides too. Head out on a tailor-made guided cycling tour or free wheel it alone. Local cycling specialists offer a bike hire and delivery service and will give expert inside information on the best routes to follow and sites to explore.

What you need to know before you go:

Hadrian's Cycleway is signposted as National Route 72 (NCN 72), and can be cycled in either direction, although it is most commonly cycled from west to east.

It runs mainly on country lanes and quiet roads, interspersed with sections of traffic-free path, promenade and riverside path.

The coastal sections at either end of the route are relatively flat, but there are a few steep, short hills in the central section.

Should you plan to visit all of the Roman sites along the way, please allow 4-6 days for the journey.

Make sure that you are physically prepared by doing some training rides prior to attempting to ride Hadrian's Cycleway. You don't have to be Superman to complete it, but some hill climb training is advisable.

Carry enough fluids, especially if it is a hot day.

It is essential that you carry spares. For a full list of the recommended spares, please see below.

Essentials for Hadrian's Cycleway

Essentials for Hadrian's Cycleway

Essentials for Hadrian's Cycleway

Check over your bike

Give your bike a service and try it out before the ride. Below is a very basic list of checks you should carry out on your bike before you start and don't do them the night before you set off. If you are in any doubt as to your competence regarding cycle maintenance then take your bike into the local bike shop to get it serviced.


Make sure that the blocks are not rubbing on the tyre when you apply your brakes, also check that the blocks hit the rim squarely and do not slide under the rim. Check that the blocks are not overly worn and that they connect with the rim cleanly.


Check that neither the gear or brake cables are frayed. If they are replace them.


The tyres should be inflated correctly to manufacturers recommendations and check the amount of tread left, if in doubt replace them.


Apply lubrication to front and rear mechs, brake holder pivots, all entry and exit points on cable outers, chain, brake lever pivot points and reapply lubrication at the end of each days riding.Clean and lubricate your chain before the ride - you will be amazed at the difference in pedalling efficiency this makes.


Check out the spares list on the right hand side of this page for a basic list of kit to take with you.

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