The Reivers Cycle Routes in Northumberland

Reivers Cycle Routes
Northumberland’s Reivers Cycle Routes take the form of two intertwining trails. One is an on-road challenge and the other is an off-road adventure, and iconic landmarks are scattered along its entirety.

Rollin’ on The Reivers

The 170 mile Reivers Cycle Route encompasses a long history of scandalous robberies, crazed kidnapping and merciless murder every push of the way. The off-road route incorporates impressive, rugged, wild landscapes and the on-road passes through picturesque, remote areas of Northumberland.

Conceived to be a mirror image of the popular C2C Cycle Route, the 187 mile long Reivers Cycle Route traverses some of the least populated and most scenically wonderful terrain in England. The 60 or so Northumbrian miles are uniquely special beginning near Ponteland in the East and taking cyclists through increasingly hilly landscapes all the way to the Scottish border.

Attractive unspoilt villages and hamlets are interspersed by the countless isolated farmsteads which pepper this increasingly challenging route. Ever changing scenery provides visual delight and enjoyment and the Kielder Water & Forest Park is a treat of huge proportions and beauty.

Though mapped to be ridden east to west, this is a truly bi-directional route though west to east is probably more likely to be wind assisted.

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