Crafts with the Company of Artisans



Enter Northumberland’s most bustling medieval marketplace and take the opportunity to get hands-on with some of the country’s most skilful artisans! Hosted within Alnwick Castle’s Artisans Courtyard, the Company of Artisans showcase their expertise with a variety of fascinating artistic techniques.

Discover how arts & crafts developed and prospered within the medieval period, as well as witnessing demonstrations exploring the skilful nature of stonemasonry and other traditional building crafts. Throughout the Middle Ages, these skilled artisans travelled the length and breadth of the country with their crafts.

Their skills were highly desirable and became an invaluable asset to the owners of grand manor houses, castles and churches of the time. So why not try your hand at medieval craft, pottery or tile-making and see if you would have what it takes to be a medieval artisan? You can even take home your wonderful creations to impress your family and friends with!

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