In the foothills of Northumberland’s Cheviot Hills is the village of Powburn. Close to Northumberland National Park in the unspoilt Breamish Valley, Powburn is a vibrant and friendly community.

The Heart of Northumberland from Cain Scrimgeour on Vimeo.

Throughout the year, the village hosts events in its Breamish Hall and welcoming village pub, while the Powburn Show and Sheepdog Trials as seen on Robson Green's - More Tales from Northumberland can be discovered in August to mark the start of the annual Cheviot agricultural and horticultural shows.  Cumberland wrestling and terrier racing are played out alongside sheep classes and pony sports. 

Explore the Devil’s Causeway, an ancient Roman Road which slices through Powburn during its 55-mile march from Corbridge to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

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