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Stroll down the prom at this classic seaside resort

Visit Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, a small coastal town in South East Northumberland. The town is famous for its revamped beach, which eroded badly during recent decades but underwent a massive redevelopment in 2007. That year, more than 500,000 tonnes of sand were brought up the coast from Skegness and placed on the beach. Make the most of your visit and stay in a Newbiggin bed and breakfast.

Couple sculture

The Couple sculpture by artist Sean Henry

Concrete steps and ramps provide easy access onto Newbiggin's sands. Part of the project includes a new breakwater, graced with a 12.5 meter high sculpture called The Couple by artist Sean Henry. The project was a bid to restore Newbiggin’s coast to its glory days, when golden sands attracted visitors to the little resort, and has been a hit with residents and visitors alike.

There are plenty of Newbiggin Self Catering properties to choose from in this beautiful coastal area of Northumberland. Be sure to take a visit to Newbiggin Maritime Centre and learn about the history and heritage of Newbiggin.

The town attracts nature lovers who come to watch the North Sea seabird passage during the autumn and spring. It is also home to a seaside links golf course that is open year-round.

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Newbiggin Festival
Family event
Lots of different activities happening over the Bank Holiday weekend including Dolphin Watch, Fantastic Beasts display, live music and creative workshops (some activities may incur a small charge). ...

Afternoon Tea
Food Event
Tea by the Sea, meet up with friends for an afternoon enjoying the stunning views over the bay while having...Afternoon Tea. ...

Great Exhibition of the North
Newbiggin Maritime Centre will be taking part in the Great Exhibition of the North, showcasing the art of local artists throughout the summer. ...

Busker's Night
Music & Dance
Busker's Nights in the Breakwater Cafe - always popular! ...

KSY Craft Fairs
Arts and Crafts
Monthly Craft Fair. Local crafters. Third Sunday of the month. ...

Northumberland Guided Bird Walks.
Guided Walk/Tours

A Necessary Woman
An amazing play written and performed by Clair/Obscur, Presented by Emily Inspires. Performed in the South of England and the Houses of Parliament to great acclaim. “How far would you go for ...

1 hour golf lesson with PGA coach
Book Online

Guided Bird Walks
Guided Walk/Tours
One and a half hour guided bird walk leaving from Newbiggin Maritime Centre with local bird guide followed by a scone and tea/coffee in the Breakwater Cafe. £8.50 per person. ...

St Bartholomew's Church
With its interesting mixture of architectural styles and impressive location, this 13th century church provides visitors with a site of notable historical interest and an individual look. ...

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