On 26 November 2021, the north of England experienced significant northerly winds leading to storm damage which affected trees, buildings and other infrastructure. Storm Malik and Storm Corrie over weekend 29th/30th January 2022 and Storm Dudley on 16th February has led to more trees falling over and slowing down the recovery process.

As we head towards 12 months since storm Arwen, Forestry England are pleased to report good progress on storm recovery work across Northumberland’s forests.

They are still planning and implementing the safe and prompt removal of windblown trees across our forests and multiple sites, including our trails.

The safe removal of windblown trees is a complex operation, requiring planning, machinery, and skilled operators and now we are getting into the more complex sites which takes longer.

Storm damaged trees in many areas are still unstable and dangerous. They need to make trees safe, within two tree-lengths of all our trails. Unfortunately, this means some facilities remain closed.

Kielder Forest

Forest walk update


Cycle trail update
Information on routes available to walk or cycle are available on the Visit Kielder website: www.visitkielder.com

Forestry Commission update

Forestry England continue to ask that everyone stays on the main forest roads and tracks and always adhere to all information/ warning signs and barriers.

Kielder is now in a really great place for waymarked access trails, and the tabular information to only show affected formal waymarked trails.

Since the last update Forestry England are pleased to share Holystone Forest, picnic site, car park and forest walk are now included in the updates.

If the facility or forest is not on the list = open for access fully open.

Forestry England are working to reopen Simonside in time for October half-term holiday week at present as the next key site for Northumberland forests.

We thank you for your patience and co-operation.

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