Go WILD at Chillingham! Get behind the scenes and take a look at a herd frozen in time Hero Image

Go WILD at Chillingham! Get behind the scenes and take a look at a herd frozen in time

The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association (CWCA) has announced a rare experience for the public to visit parts of The Wild Cattle Park not usually seen by visitors.

This opportunity will take place on one day only, at The Chillingham Wild Cattle Open Day on Friday 28th July, giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with Britain’s only wild cattle herd.

The Chillingham Wild Cattle have a unique place in British fauna. It is one of the very few herds of cattle anywhere in the world that have a natural sex ratio and age distribution with minimal human interference.

When you visit the park you can also experience a tractor trailer ride, with resident expert Stephen Hall, Professor of Animal Science at the University of Lincoln and a Trustee of the CWCA. Stephen will take visitors closer than ever before to the iconic Wild Cattle where they will be given detailed information on the history of the cattle and the park.

In addition to the trailer rides, there will be Northumberland’s very own chainsaw carving expert Ross McNeil. Not only will Ross be displaying his work, but he will be transforming fallen wood gathered from the park into magnificent works of art. These will be up for sale so a lucky few will take home their very own piece of The Wild Cattle Park, their very own piece of Northumbrian history, from the home of the UK’s oldest herd.

Rounding off the day, Bella, the heavy horse, will be doing timber extraction demonstrations, taking the park back in time to when tractors were not the norm. Roy Murray will be in the park with Bella, and there will be an opportunity to discuss this traditional work with Roy.

Speaking in advance, Ellie Waddington, CWCA Park Warden said: “This is an excellent opportunity to witness first-hand the world renowned Wild Cattle which have made the park their home for hundreds of years without human interference. We are delighted to be able to welcome people to visit the unseen areas of the park, and to allow members of the public to get the true wild beast experience! These cattle are genetically identical, and they are said to go back to the Aurochs that roamed the European plains for thousands of years.”

In addition to the trailer rides, the walking tours will continue as normal at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. There is no need to book the walking tour but, due to limited space on the trailer, rides must be booked. More information on the day, the park and the cattle can be found at: www.chillinghamwildcattle.com.

The CWCA has over 350 members, all absolutely passionate about the preservation of such a distinct and notable herd, which is steeped in history and a real Northumbrian icon. It is a charitable organisation which was set up in 1939 specifically to preserve the herd, and today its survival is very much dependent upon public interest and support. All money raised on the day will be used for the welfare of the cattle. Last year the park attracted thousands of visitors from across the globe. Chillingham Park is currently open to visitors all day Monday to Friday, as well as Sunday morning, with tours presented by warden, Ellie Waddington, throughout the day.

For more information on the tours, and for opening times, please visit www.chillinghamwildcattle.com.