Sculpture on the Newbiggin Art Trail in Northumberland

Newbiggin Art Trail

Painting the Town
A mix of community, historical and modern artworks for visitors to find throughout the town.

Art meets heritage

In August 2007 Sean Henry’s Couple sculpture; a 12.5 metre high artwork (twice the height of a double-decker bus) was sited on a new 200m long breakwater, as part of a £10m coastal protection scheme – making it the UK's first permanent offshore sculpture.

The breakwater scheme is believed to be the first of its kind to be initiated along the Northeast coastline - strengthening the Bay's coastal defences and re-creating the beach, which in its heyday attracted thousands of visitors and day-trippers from across the country and beyond.

Stone carvings, ceramic panels, stained glass windows & community sculpture can all be found on the trail. Many of the artworks featured have been produced by artists living and working in the village. The entire trail will take about two hours but it can be enjoyed in shorter sections.
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