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Find shelter in a bothy

Bothies are small huts which will provide avid hikers with shelter from the elements. A small piece of history, bothies used to provide refuge for farmers and other outdoor workers, and are often found in remote mountainous areas.

Sheltering you from the elements

Bothies are far from five-star accommodation, and are more likely to give you a genuine experience of camping rather than staying in a hotel. Set in rural locations, Bothies act as free shelters from the elements for intrepid walkers looking for total isolation from the modern world.

Bothies have been slowly disappearing from our countryside over recent years, however Northumberland still boasts seven of England’s eleven remaining huts! They are maintained by volunteers of the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA), and access to these remote properties has been given by the kind permission of the owners. The MBA does ask that visitors pay careful attention to the Bothy Code.

These shelters are free to visit with no booking required (assuming you can find them of course!). Best suited for experienced hikers and campers, they are located in the very remotest upland areas of the county.

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