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Northumberland's section of the CRC Route

Cycle from sea to sea
The classic long distance cycle route that’s excellent for a challenge. Cycle over The North Pennines on this route of approximately 136 miles, which traverses the North of England and takes in 4 counties along the way.

Oceans apart

Only a small section of this classic route passes through Northumberland, but what a section! The highest point of the C2C at Black Hill (609m) is on Northumberland/Cumbria Border offering a unique view into not just Northumberland but County Durham, and Scotland.

The C2C is an excellent way to travel into Northumberland by bicycle, and connects up with ALL of the other long distant routes featured.

Take a look at the following link for more information on the C2C (aka Sea to Sea) Cycle Route.

Mountain biking in purple heather
Family walk in Northumberland
Couple enjoying a boat trip
Hadrian's Wall
Surf Northumberland
Outdoor adventures in Northumberland

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