Countryside, Hills and Valleys
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Countryside, Hills and Valleys

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The Northumberland countryside is a mosaic of heather land, of ancient meadows and rolling hill with secretive valleys.
There are mysterious stone formations and ancient settlements, castles and fortified buildings, lasting reminders of Northumberland’s tempestuous and rich history.
There is unspoilt wilderness. You can walk for miles here without seeing a soul. And there is tranquility. Pack a picnic and head for a plethora of beauty spots around the Northumberland countryside.
Rare wildlife, flora and fauna have made Northumberland their haven. From elusive red squirrels to ospreys and from rare heathers and orchids to butterflies, the countryside teems with life here.
During daytime explore villages and towns tucked into Northumberland’s beguiling countryside. Linked by quiet roads crossing spellbinding countryside there are outstanding views to take in along the way.
At nighttime, gaze up into the darkest skies in England.
With not one but two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty along with the vast beauty of the Northumberland National Park, the countryside in Northumberland offers peace and tranquility without having to hike for miles. Unless of course, you want to do so. In which case there is plenty of space to enjoy.

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