Breamish and Ingram Valley
View of Ingram Valley

Breamish and Ingram Valley

Tumbling waterfalls, wide open moorland and reputedly one of the most important archaeological landscapes in the country, is Breamish and Ingram Valley.

The Heart of Northumberland from Cain Scrimgeour on Vimeo.

Ancient history enthusiasts should beat a track to this breathtaking part of the National Park.

Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements dot the valley here, some believed to be over 2,500 years old, attracting archaeologists the world over who look for clues to the past in the hill forts and burial mounds here.

Visit Cochrane Pike to see the remains of four stone huts there. Cultivation terraces cut into the hillside are a reminder today of how our ancestors grew extra crops.

Walk through Northumberland’s ‘blackland’, heather clad moorland, as opposed to the grass-covered ‘whiteland’.

Pack a picnic and head to Linhope Spout, a 60ft chute of water tumbling into a plunge pool below.

Northumberland National Park Linhope Spout

Linhope Spout

Go red squirrel spotting on your way to the Spout. Catch a glimpse of these reclusive creatures in the forests here, or look out on the forest floor for Scots Pine cones they have been feeding on.

Enjoy panoramic views towards Hedgehope Hill. At 714m, this is the second highest of Northumberland’s hills.

Stroll through the pretty hamlet of Ingram, with its cluster of stone-built houses.

Perfect for a paddle, the River Breamish passes through the north end of Ingram.

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