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Northumberland travel providers

Getting around Northumberland

Travelling around Northumberland couldn't be easier with the help of our travel providers across the county.

Whether it's by bus, train, taxi, boat or bike, you're sure to have a wonderful experience travelling around Northumberland. Sit back and relax, admire the views from the window and receive a warm Northumbrian welcome from the locals.



Driving along the Holy Island Causeway

Arriva Coast & Castles Sightseeing Bus


By Bus




Driving along the Holy Island Causeway

AD122 Hadrian's Wall Bus


Arriva Services

Explore the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with the Arriva Coast & Castle's Sightseeing Tour. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the Northumberland Coast, can you spot Bamburgh Castle from the bus window?


Go North East Services

Follow in the footsteps of the Romans as you take in the breathtaking sights of Hadrian's Wall Country with the help of the AD122 Bus.

If you're keen to explore the forts, milecastles and landmarks along the wall then the AD122 bus, named after the year in which the construction of Hadrian's Wall began, then this service offers a pick up and drop off service which covers the length of the wall in Northumberland, Cumbria and Tyne and Wear.


By Train

By Taxi


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ecocabs taxis hexham
Hexham taxi and minibus company, offering airport and train station transfers, tours of Hadrian’s Wall and cycle and walker transfers. ...

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