Discover our skies at #NlandStars
Holy Island Milkyway | © Craig Richards

Discover our skies at #NlandStars

'The land that's just as good with the lights off'

2018 is the fifth anniversary of the designation of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. At 572 square miles (1,483 square kilometres), over the Northumberland National Park and Kielder Water & Forest Park, it is Europe’s largest area of protected night sky. Due to its pristine skies it was awarded gold tier designation by the International Dark Sky Association, making it officially the best place in England for people to go to enjoy the heavens.

Our character is born from the contrasts of nature; our remote hills, our vast skies, our tranquil lakes and the rugged beauty of our coastline. Generations have lived as part of this landscape, creating strength, passion and wisdom, finding individual paths and protecting a way of life together.

A journey through Northumberland reveals the warmth of our welcome and celebrates our character. Slow down and discover experiences. Challenge your senses and feel the thrill of adventure.
You, like us, can go your own way.

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