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Northumberland Internation Dark Sky Park

Around 85% of the UK population has never seen a truly dark sky. So for an astronomic experience that won’t cost the universe head to Northumberland for unrivalled stargazing.

The best time for stargazing is during the autumn and winter months, when the nights draw in. You don’t need an expensive telescope. Just pack up a pair of binoculars, a deckchair, take a hot drink and bite to eat and head for rural Northumberland for a star-studded show.

One of Northumberland's favourite tourism attractions Kielder Observatory has an exciting programme of astronomical events throughout the year - Northumberland Dark Sky Events.

Discover our stargazing events below.

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Aurora Night
Star gazing events
Our most popular event... The Northern Lights! What are they? How do we see them? They have influenced fairy tales and folklore for millennia, shaped communities and religious beliefs, provided civili ...

A Universe Full of Stars
Star gazing events
The Universe... Why is it here? How did it start? How old is it? How big is it? How will it end? These are a sample of the questions that have engaged civilisations throughout millennia. Science has c ...

Late Night Dark Skies
Star gazing events
Come and join our inspirational team of astronomers as we observe the darkest of night skies above the internationally renowned Kielder Observatory. ...

Family Astronomy
Star gazing events
Family astronomy at Kielder Observatory: what is it all about? Well, the skies, the Universe and everything that is in it! Tonight you sit back, relax and listen to your kids amaze you! Watch their fa ...

Night Sky Safari
Star gazing events
Come and experience an unforgettable night of observational astronomy under the starry skies of Kielder and the largest expanse of protected dark skies in Europe - the Northumberland International Dar ...

Full Moon Party
Star gazing events
The Moon.... Our nearest neighbour in space. Its big, its bright and we know it well. ...

Late Night Explorer
Star gazing events
We are delighted to introduce additional late night events as we observe the very special night skies. ...

Astro Photography
Star gazing events
Have you ever wanted to take pictures of objects in space like the ones you see in magazines, newspapers and astronomy websites? No specialist knowledge is required, and we'll show you how to take ama ...

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Discover our dark skies at #NlandStars
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