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Come to Northumberland and see the rare and beautiful Chillingham Wild Cattle roaming through their natural habitat. The Chillingham Wild Cattle can be found at Chillingham Park near Alnwick in the north of the county and are truly unique. They are natural clones and are thought to be rarer than the giant panda. Not only are the cattle genetically identical, each one has received identical genes from its sire and its dam - unique among wild living animals. You can see them up close as they roam through the 330 acres of Chillingham Park. The park has spectacular views to the Cheviot Hills and you may also see fallow and roe deer, red squirrels and a fine variety of bird life.

The cattle can breed at any time and are true survivors. It is thought they have been living at the park for more than 700 years and the fierce winter of 1947 almost wiped them out entirely reducing the herd to 13. Today there are now over 100 animals - looked after by a specially formed association and the thriving herd has become one of the county's best loved attractions. This unique herd of wild cattle, in the park at Chillingham, are the sole survivors of herds that once roamed the forests of Britain. They are truly wild and potentially dangerous, so must be approached with care.

Visitors are able to see the cattle only when accompanied by the warden, who will ensure their safety, take them as close as possible and talk about the cattle and the herd's history. This is the total world population. They can only be seen at Chillingham.

Read the blog of Whylde, the latest addition to the Chillingham Wild Cattle herd

Ticketing and entry prices for Chillingham Wild Cattle

Type Entry for Guide price
Single 1
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(Child (4-16 years old))
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(Family (2 adults + up to 3 children))
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Concession 1
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Joint tickets for the Wild Cattle and Chillingham Castle are available.

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Mark L, Wetherby, United Kingdom
Was interested to see the wild cattle but having gone to the car park- then walked across the field to the visitor centre found there was no tour for another 2 hours & one was already in progress so the ‘visitor centre’ such as it is was unattended - this sign was on the door of the visitor centre, &m the tour times could easily have been displayed on the car park notice for the convenience of the visitors - just needs a bit more thought & organisation


pfoster1g, Ormskirk, United Kingdom
My wife and I went to see the Chillingham cattle on the 22/09/18. This was a visit I had long hoped to make, having worked with cattle for a living until retirement. It was interesting to read the history of the herd whilst waiting for the tour to start. Unfortunately when the actual 'tour' took place our guide seemed reluctant to take us any nearer than around 250 meters from the cattle, meaning we needed binoculars to see any detail. I understand her reluctance to some extent as these are wild, unpredictable cattle, nevertheless my wife and I felt somewhat short-changed by our visit. On the plus side our guide did her best to answer any questions and it was fascinating to stand by a giant redwood tree!


mary j, Broughton-in-Furness, United Kingdom
We had been looking forward to seeing the wild cattle which are unique in that they are truly wild. They have never been handled by humans. Having paid we were given a short talk and taken into a field for more talk. The cattle were in amongst some trees not far from the visitor hut. And that was it. We had about half an hour. We could have picked up a brochure which had all the info the guide gave us and seen them from the fence without paying! It would have been more interesting to have a trailor ride around the 300 acres they live in and got more idea of their habitat. It was a big disappointment.

Great tour

Me and my partner recently took the cattle tour, I didn't really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It was great to see such unusual wild cattle. The warden was lovely and enthusiastic and could answer any questions. We got much closer than we expected to (but still keeping a safe distance). Would recommend.

Wild cattle of Chillingham

J_Jarndyce, County Durham, United Kingdom
This unique herd of wild white cattle has been preserved for centuries and is well worth a visit. Our guide, Ellie, gave us the history and took us into the 350 acre enclosure. The cattle are left to their own devices and not farmed for milk or meat. Chillingham Castle is nearby for further interest.

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