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Tarset Tor Bunkhouse
Self Catering
Tarset Tor Bunkhouse and Bothies are located in the Northumberland National Park.  Offering versatile, eco-friendly, self-catering accommodation. ...
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Aurora Show lodge
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Self Catering
Luxury lodges on the lakeside of Kielder Water boast panoramic views stretching over the lake and forest. ...
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Kielder Lodge
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Self Catering
Nestled in Ravenshill Forest, Kielder Village providing tranquillity amongst nature, accommodation  comprises of barn conversion and lodge's with hot tubs. ...

Straker Chalet at dusk
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Self Catering
Fully accessible, comfortable Scandanavian lodges set in the beautiful Kielder Water & Forest Park and close to the tranquil shores of Kielder Water. Activities and home cooked meals are also avai ...
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