The Hadrian’s Wall Villages - Greenhead and Gilsland - through which the Tour will pass on September 10th 2015, are preparing a great welcome for the Tour and those who want to watch the race.

The cyclists are expected to arrive at lunchtime, and though the participants will flash through at speed (avoiding, we hope, the hazards of the steep hill and sharp corner in Greenhead and the narrow main street of Gilsland, and the river bridges in both villages!) there will be good food a-plenty in the two villages for the spectators.

From hot dogs in the Greenhead village hall to hot dinners & good beers in the hotels and excellent lunches, teas & coffees in the tearooms, the fare provided already has a high reputation !

Greenhead’s bunting will stress the fact that this is where the Hadrian Cycleway, the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail and the Pennine Way all meet, while in Gilsland, dissected by the county boundaries of Northumberland and Cumbria, precisely where the border is will be illustrated in full colour, while the people on both sides will be demonstrating how well they co-operate and work together!

There’ll be scarecrows on bikes of all sizes and banners to show the delights of the countryside, and of course, the current energetic Campaign to Open Gilsland Station on Hadrian’s Wall will be very evident.

For those who want to linger after the excitement of the race, there is plenty to interest all the family: in the Gilsland village hall a spectacular running exhibition of the local crop - Wool! The Fibre Group and friends will be spinning the fleece of a different local breed of sheep during every day of the Race, with a display about them all, linking Cycling and Spinning in a way now familiar from the Tour de France.

Upstairs the local craftspeople and businesses of Gilsland will be demonstrating their many and varied talents, with an exhibition of “The Best of Gilsland”.

And at Slack House Farm Eric Horn will be showing how he makes the renowned local “Birdoswald” cheese from the milk of his organically raised Ayrshire herd of cows, in the dairy attached to the tearoom.

The Military Road will be closed from from the level crossing in Haydon Bridge to Walltown Quarry from 1030 to 1300, and from 1145 to 1300 from the A69 Junction, through Greenhead, to Walltown Quarry

From Greenhead to Gilsland (county boundary) there will a steward controlled rolling closure.

So spectators will need to arrive in the villages in plenty of time!