Hold on to your seats for a race through time on the latest 4D Motion Ride* at Newcastle’s Life Science Centre. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stop a new breed of criminals who have the power to change the course of history…

Time Chasers Life’s latest film showing on its 4D Motion Rideisan action-packed adventure seen through the eyes of an elite arm of law enforcement team known as the Time Chasers who are sworn to preserve the past and protect the future. Riders are taken on a high speed chase through time to stop history being changed, via the Titanic, a historical battle and a dinosaur-filled forest. Along the way, splashes, sprays, smells and a few other suprises add the 4D element to the 3D action on screen.

Ian Simmons, Science Communication Director at Life said: “Timechasers links with our Age of the Dinosaur exhibition as it’s a time travel story taking in several historical periods, ending up in the prehistoric jungle dodging dinosaur jaws and lashing tails. It’s a short sharp burst of sensory overload in addition to the all the exciting hands-on science activities in the rest of the centre.”

Riders on the 4D Motion Ride must be at least 1.2 metres tall (4 feet). Time Chasers, showing at Life until 29 September,runs at regular intervals throughout the day and, like all other activities at Life, is included in the admission price.

A voucher for free child admission to Life with every full paying adult, can be found at www.life.org.uk

For further details of activities at Life along with opening times and prices, visit www.life.org.uk

(*1.2m height restriction).