You and your family do not have to fly to the South Pacific for an enjoyable holiday – not when there are plenty of fantastic destinations to visit on your own doorstep.

Vacations closer to home will not only save you money but will give you a sense of the stunning scenery that there is on these isles. They are also a great place for a photography holiday. Northumbria, for example, has stunning natural beauty that you can view and snap at your own pace.

Blanchland and the Derwent Valley
Grab your digital camera and head on a walk through one of the oldest and most attractive villages in England. Set in the North Pennines, this short walk is certainly not lacking in picture-perfect moments. The walk is simple, allowing you to focus on your camera work and you will have the opportunity to take in abbeys, Saxon architecture and delightful stone paths that will look wonderful when developed.

The coast
Almost all must-see parts of the country have a coastline and Northumberland is no exception. Perhaps the best route to take in the wonders of this county is from Craster to Iron Scars. Walking through here will take you past a rugged coastline with cliffs and bays. Perfect at any time of the year, spring will allow you to photograph the wild orchids that grow here – a treat for any amateur photographer.

Carboniferous rocks
Much of the geology of Northumberland is from the Carboniferous period which occurred 345 to 285 million years ago. The cliffs and rock formations from this period dominate the landscape, offering countless opportunities for a photograph. The sandstone rocks have a wonderful beige/red colour so be sure to use the right filter to get the most from your visit to Northumberland.

Hadrian’s Wall
One of the standout places to visit in England is Hadrian’s Wall. Surrounded by market towns such as Hexham, this is an area full of British history. Visit the Roman Fort to get a view of the northwest Frontier and be sure to bring spare memory cards with you to store all your fantastic photos.