Northumberland National Park Joins National Parks England to Launch Ambitions for the Next Decade

National Parks England has published a set of new joint ambitions, which outline their vision to become a beacon for a sustainable future, where nature and people flourish.

For the first time, England’s 10 National Parks, including Northumberland National Park have worked together to create four interconnected Delivery Plans, which address how they will tackle new challenges and changing priorities over the next 10 years.

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic, Government announcements of the Green Industrial revolution, and the climate emergency, have all highlighted the important role National Parks have for the nation.
The Delivery Plans set out how the parks will protect and enhance the natural environment, how they will become leaders in tackling the climate emergency, how they will support thriving communities where sustainable farming and land management deliver a wide range of public goods, and set out their vision to support the health and wellbeing of the whole nation.

Each Plan has a key theme and target. The themes focus on Landscapes for Everyone, Sustainable Farming & Land Management, Climate Leadership, and Nature Recovery.
Northumberland National Park Chief Executive, Tony Gates said: “We are proud to join our fellow National Parks in England in setting out our collective ambition through these Plans. The landscape, nature, and communities of Northumberland National Park embody every aspect of what a National Park should be, and we believe the Delivery Plans show our dedication to a green and inclusive recovery for everyone.

“The new delivery plans will build upon ambitious National Park projects such as The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre and the peatland restoration undertaken on the summit of the Cheviot. Working with our partners, we are already developing new projects which will engage more and different people through our education and outreach programmes and we are prioritising projects which will improve the natural environment and help to address climate change. We look forward to continuing and increasing these efforts over the next 10 years.”
National Parks England Chair, Mike McKinley said: “We are proud to launch our new Delivery Plans, which clearly set out our ambitions and plans for the next 10 years.

“National Parks hold a unique place in the nation’s affections, and Covid-19 and the increase in visitor numbers to our National Parks during the pandemic has reminded us of their importance. Wild landscapes, family walks, rural businesses, and vibrant communities all have their place, and we need to work hard to protect and enhance these spaces.

“While we welcome the Government’s recent ten-point plan, and announcement of the creation of new National Parks, this must not be at the expense of investing in our existing Parks.
“We need to ensure that we are equipped with the tools and resources to make a substantive green shift. Our Delivery Plans are rightly ambitious and set out how we will achieve our aims through stronger legislation, investment, and political leadership: we look to Government to support our vision.”