Every year home-grown civic trees are delivered to towns and cities around the country in celebration of Christmas.


In November this year 131 Norway Spruce were felled...


"We can't get vehicles in there. The easiest way is to get a helicopter"

With a harness fastened each of the trees were then carefully lifted out across the top of the forest to an access road.

Having been wrapped and marked for their final destination trees were placed onto a low-loader to be transported by road to towns and cities for the next stage of their journey.


Large Christmas trees that light up hometowns or cities are usually sustainably sourced by the Forestry Commission, which identifies suitable trees for civic displays. The trees vary in size from 20-50ft.

Britain's biggest Christmas trees were transported across the country to take pride of place in towns and cities from Kings Lynn to Worcester, and Manchester to Kingston upon Thames.

For the past thirteen years, the Forestry Commission at Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northumberland has provided London's Houses of Parliament with its spectacular Christmas tree, positioned at the base of Big Ben for all the world to see.

This year a 38ft tree was supplied for the base of Big Ben and a 15ft tree for Westminster Hall inside the Houses of Parliament.

Last Saturday morning (29 November 2014), the Christmas trees arrived at the Houses of Parliament on a low-loader having travelled 350 miles from Northumberland.


On arrival in Westminster the trunk of the tree for the base of Big Ben was prepared for its stand.

Meanwhile inside Westminster Hall, the 15ft tree was moved into place and erected at the foot of the staircase.

Outside, final preparations were made as the tree was dressed with a huge star and lights before it was finally lifted by a crane into its final resting place.

There are Forestry Commission Christmas tree sales centres right across England offering a variety of trees that are grown in the UK, including trees that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

To find a full list of sales centres in England, purchase a Christmas tree online or check out top tree tips on keeping your tree fresh and healthy over the festive holidays visit www.forestry.gov.uk/christmas. There are also details of the many Christmas activities and events that are taking place in forests across England.

Don't forget to go and visit our famous tree at the base of Big Ben this Christmas.