Winter trip to beach in Northumberland

A Visitors' Guide to Northumberland in 2023

Top places to visit
Discover the top places to visit in Northumberland, as told by our visitors themselves.
We have collated our top, most-searched pages of the year to give you a little guidance on planning your next trip to Northumberland. 
Wondering where to start when planning your trip to Northumberland in 2024? Take a look at what people have been searching for over the last year with our roundup of our most popular pages in 2023. Covering everything from some of Northumberland’s best attractions to the most stunning beauty spots, take inspiration from previous visitors.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list…

Life’s about the journey,  but the destination can be pretty spectacular too. Here are the most-searched destinations in Northumberland in 2023, so pick one (or many) to explore.

Sleep first, plan later

All of this adventure requires somewhere beautiful, cosy and comfortable to sleep it all off at the end of the day. Take a look at where our visitors have been looking at staying over the last year.

Fill your life with experiences

Pack your trip full of adventure and experiences with some of the best things to do and places to visit in the county. Puffin-spotting at The Farne Islands, admiring sweeping seaviews from a spectacular fortress, and discovering awe-inspiring ancient history are all on the list.

An overview of things to do

Northumberland’s dark skies, attractions, castles and walking routes are just some of the fantastic experiences to be had in Northumberland. Here are the key categories of “things to do” that people have been searching for. 
Mountain biking in purple heather
Family walk in Northumberland
Couple enjoying a boat trip
Hadrian's Wall
Surf Northumberland
Outdoor adventures in Northumberland

Make it personal

With endless experiences, it’s impossible to see and do everything Northumberland has to offer. Create a personal profile and we’ll tailor the site to show you the best and most relevant content for you.