How to be a Roman soldier

Have you got what it takes to be a Roman soldier? Head to Chesters Roman Fort this half-term (Sat 21 – Sun 29 October) to find out!

The bath house at Chesters Roman FortThe resident Roman soldier will put little soldiers through their paces in the grounds of this ancient Roman fort. You'll take part in a variety of hands on activities from games to drills, hear stories about life as a soldier and citizen, try on costumes, and handle Roman weapons and objects.

But before you can enrol in his army, you’d better know your stuff about what life was like on Hadrian’s Wall 2000 years ago for Roman soldiers.

To help you, staff at English Heritage have compiled their favourite facts about Roman life.

Did you know…?

1. Romans came from practically every province in the Roman Empire except Britain.

2. Romans were all multilingual and they needed to know Latin. They spoke their native tongue, plus they needed an understanding of the language of the indigenous people who lived on either side of the frontier.

3. Most Romans, if not all, would have had wives, although they legally weren’t allowed. This was overlooked by the military high command.

4. Most Roman cavalry troopers would have owned a slave whose job it was to look after the trooper’s horse.

5. A soldier may not have worn his armour all the time but he would have rarely been without his military belt.

Find out more about the 'How to be a Roman Soldier' event at Chesters Roman Fort.