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Berwick's town walls are its most famous piece of architecture and still stand strong today, hundreds of years after they were built. Berwick actually has two sets of walls, the first set (of which only fragments now remain), commenced by Edward I, was two miles long. The later Elizabethan Walls (which are still complete) are a mile and a-quarter in length. The ramparts completely surround the town, with four gates through which entry to the town is enabled.

Berwick's Elizabethan Walls are the only example of bastioned town walls in Britain and one of the best preserved examples in Europe. When built in 1558 - designed to keep out the marauding Scots who regularly laid claim to the town - it was the most expensive undertaking of England's Golden Age.

The walls were built to an Italian design and contained bastions which were designed to allow gunfire covering every part of the wall. Outside the curtain wall and bastions, there were wide water-filled ditches to deter potential invaders.Walking around the town walls takes about 45 minutes and is a great way to discover Berwick's turbulent history  You can also take in stunning views over the town and look out towards the wide sandy beaches of the North Sea and the Tweed estuary with its colony of mute swans.

Many of The Lowry Trail panels are on the Walls - Follow in L.S.Lowry's footsteps as you explore the town.

The ramparts are open all year round - entry is free.

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Berwick - dangerous

Rachel3679, Sheffield, United Kingdom
We went for a walk along the grassed area on the walls with 3 young children and our two dogs . The dogs are well behaved and we're off the lead running around. I then couldn't find my dog who normally is good to recall . I frantically looked for him and put looked over into an enclosed area 25ft below and saw him limping. What a horrible situation to be in . We had to get the police to open the English Heritage wrought iron gate to get him out . It could have been so much worse , either one of the children could have fallen or blue could have been seriously injured or dead . The vets were nit surprised when I rushed him in for treatment . There are small triangles warning of a drop but no signs saying how dangerous the drops are . I have been left with a £300 + vet bill a poorly dog and a ruined last couple of days to our holiday . .BEWARE

Fascinating history

Patricia A, Leeds, United Kingdom
We walked almost the whole length of these historic walls. The views were amazing and the information points brought the history of Berwick to life. We were amazed at how well preserved the remains were after all this time, which is probably because of the stick to the paths signs. These walls are what make Berwick upon Tweed special, along with the lovely people.

The finest Elizabethan defences in Europe

skypilot60, Berwick upon Tweed, United Kingdom
The Elizabethan Walls of Berwick upon Tweed are uniquely intact, encompassing the town of Berwick and built to keep the Scots and their French allies out of Town, the then gateway to England. It takes about an hour to walk the entire circuit, looking out to sea and in to the town itself.

Historically significant and a beautiful walk

profjoypc, Alnwick, United Kingdom
We have explored the walls of Berwick on many occasions but last Sunday the sun was shining and the walk and views were spectacular. The walls are a very important architectural feature, with ramparts surround the town and are one of the best examples of such feature in Europe. They were designed to keep out the marauding Scots! It would take around an hour to do the whole walk, allowing for stops to take in the beautiful views of both town and sea. It is great free attraction and not to be missed if you are visiting Berwick.

A lovely circular walk around Berwick

MikenMissy, Grimsby, United Kingdom
The walk along the walls provides great elevated views to both the town and coastline and also the information boards give details of how the fortifications were developed and financed. We ended our walk in the harbour area and again the views across the river, framed by the imposing bridges, were stunning.



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