Relive life along the wall

From incredible Roman finds dating back 2000 years, to a holographic teacher and interactive displays the history of Hadrian’s Wall is brought to life at a number of attractions along the wall.

Corbridge Roman Town

Once a bustling town and supply base, Corbridge Roman Town remained a vibrant community until the end of Roman Britain in the early 5th century. Walk through the town’s streets, explore the museum and discover the Corbridge Hoard - a fascinating collection of personal possessions, weapons and armour buried by a Roman soldier.

Corbridge Roman Town

Corbridge Roman Town

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Chesters Roman Fort

The best preserved remains of a cavalry fort in Britain. With well preserved bath and steam rooms and the officers quarters, children can let their imagination run wild pretending to be real Romans. Browse the Clayton Museum and learn about the ‘saviour of the Wall’, John Clayton.

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Housesteads Roman Fort

Set high on a dramatic escarpment, Housesteads was once a busy garrison of 800 men. Wander the barrack blocks and the hospital. Peer into the oldest toilets you're ever likely to see, and admire the stunning panoramic views. Meet Felix, the character guiding younger visitors around and see the fort brought to life on film with recreations of the original Roman buildings.

Housesteads Roman Fort

Housesteads Roman Fort


Just to the south of Hadrian’s Wall, Vindolanda was an important frontier fort and village that was occupied for over 300 years. From April to September (weekdays) you can watch live excavations, maybe you will be lucky enough to observe a new discovery. Vindolanda is world renowned for the discovery of writing tablets, wafer thin postcards covered in Roman writing. Nine of these precious documents are displayed in the museum along with an interactive display of some of the most famous tablets, which includes a birthday invitation.

Roman Army Museum

Could you have coped with the life of a Roman Soldier? Explore the three galleries, transporting back in time nearly 2000 years ago to experience life on the front line of Emperor Hadrian’s British frontier. Interactive displays, unique real Roman artefacts, a holographic teacher and an award winning 3D film all bring history to life in an engaging and fun way.

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Sitting on the longest stretch of Hadrian’s Wall Birdoswald Roman Fort has dominated the landscape since AD122. Enter through the four meter high gatehouse to discover the new interactive exhibition with lots of hands on fun and games suitable for all ages.

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