Flodden 500
Flodden battlefield surrounded by barley

Flodden 500

The Battle of Flodden

The 9th of September 2013 marked the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.

In 1513 the now tranquil fields at Branxton were the site of a bloody and fierce battle between the English and Scots.

The battlefield itself, eight miles west of Wooler, and a couple of miles from the Scottish Border, was where a French-funded Scottish Army led by King James IV met the English army under the command of the Earl of Surrey with explosive and historically far-reaching results.

As part of the programme of projects and events which commemorated the Battle, communities on both sides of the border came together to establish Britain’s first cross-border ecomuseum.

The Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum links over 40 sites nationwide which all share a connection to the story of the Battle of Flodden.  These sites include Castles, Churches, Centres, Monuments, Trusts, the Battlefield itself, and more.  The majority of these are concentrated across North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, but they also spread right across Northern Scotland and as far South as the Mary Rose Trust in Portsmouth.

The Ecomuseum connects the cultures, communities and shared heritage of the Battle across Britain.

Check out www.flodden1513.com to discover all the sites, and to find out more.

Flodden 500

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